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Advertising Your Student HMOs With Purple Frog

Navigate the Unpredictable Waters of Student Letting with Confidence

The 2022/2023 letting season threw us some curveballs. From changes in group sizes to shifts in student demands, this last year has been an enigma wrapped in unpredictability. Was it the cost-of-living crisis, remote learning trends, or the lingering effects of the pandemic? 

To combat this uncertainty, and in our unyielding commitment to equip you with precise advice and valuable insights, we conducted a comprehensive survey of our student tenants. Our aim? To align our advertising strategies with real-time trends and to empower you with data-backed suggestions for property improvements. Download the full survey here.

Key Takeaways That Can Transform Your Student Letting Experience

  • Bills, Bills, Bills: A notable 68% of students want an all-inclusive rent package that covers utility bills. Partner with us, and we’ll seamlessly integrate ‘bills-included’ options into your managed properties. For ‘let-only’ properties, we can guide students towards add-on utility packages.

  • The Trust in Intermediary: Interestingly, only a quarter of students want to deal directly with landlords. By advertising with Purple Frog, you’re positioning your property as a trusted option in a market that increasingly favors agent-mediated arrangements.

  • Deal-Makers: What do students care about after rent and location? Our survey reveals that security tops the list, closely followed by broadband speeds and kitchen storage.

Ready to Turn Insight into Action?

How Can Purple Frog Elevate Your Student Letting Game?

Our seasoned team will use their industry expertise and data-driven insights from our comprehensive student survey to advise you on competitive rent pricing. But we don’t stop there. We craft compelling property adverts that magnify the features students crave the most, to ensure your listing stands out from the crowd.

Why Make the Move Now?

The early bird catches the worm, and in the student letting market, the sooner you list with us, the more inquiries you stand to receive. Check out the graphs below for proof that an early listing generates superior traction.

Why Choose Purple Frog?

    1. Huge Reach: Our robust mailing list boasts over 10,000 student subscribers, priming the pump for what promises to be our most impactful marketing campaign yet.

    2. Round-the-Clock Availability: With our 24/7 phone answering service, no inquiry goes unanswered. That means maximized opportunities for your property.

    3. Exceptional Service, Verified by Tenants: Boasting a stellar 4.5 out of 5-star rating, backed by over 1,500 Trust Pilot reviews, our commitment to delivering top-notch service is not just a claim—it’s a promise validated by those who matter most, our tenants.

    4. Energetic and Focused Lettings Team: Our dedicated agents are more than ready; they’re enthusiastic about pairing students with their next ‘home away from home.’

Timing is Everything: The Seasonal Trends You Can't Ignore

The landscape of student letting in the last season shows a clear shift in the distribution of inquiries over the season, and the patterns are striking. In Birmingham and Nottingham, we’ve observed significant changes in when we receive inquiries. While Bristol shows less volatility, the change is still noticeable.

The Golden Window: October/November

The one crucial takeaway: the earlier you list your properties, the better. Specifically, the months of October and November emerge as a hotspot for initial demand across all cities. Missing this key period could mean losing out on a key part of the letting season.

Re-Listing Has Never Been Easier

If you’ve advertised your properties with Purple Frog in the past, taking advantage of our services again is a breeze. Simply ask one of our team members to send over your previous listings. Review, amend as needed, and you’re good to go!

Ready to Seize the Season? Let’s Talk

Whether you’re set to list your property or just exploring your options, our property experts are at your service for personalized guidance.

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