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Property Investment Deal Calculator

Being confident of the returns of a property investment is crucial when making a decision to purchase, so we’re sharing our free property investment deal calculator with you. 

Our free worksheet will enable you to easily calculate profits from a development or investment project, return on investment, gross yield, profit margin, tax for properties purchased in personal name or within a company structure and much more.

  • Input the details of the potential property investment
  • Our tool will calculate gross yield, ROI, profit, interest payments, investment required, stamp duty, and estimate tax payable.
  • Calculations using the latest stamp duty rates.
  • Unlock the spreadsheet to personalise it to your requirements 

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Key Terms and Calculations

Metric Calculation
Return on Investment (ROI) - Development Project
Profit / Cash Employed x 100
Return on Investment (ROI) - On Going Investment
Annual Profit / Cash Employed x 100
Gross Yeild
Total Rent Income / Property Value x 100
Profit Margin
Profit / Final Property Valuation x 100

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