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What is a Temporary Exemption Notice (TEN)?

A Temporary Exemption Notice (TEN), is a notice provided by the local authority to confirm a landlord does not require a licence for a period of time; they are given in situations where a property does not have a licence and the landlord is taking steps that will exempt the property from requiring one.

The landlord must inform the council and make an application in this situation.


This form is to be filled out by the individual in charge of or managing the licensable property. A separate application should be made for each property seeking a temporary exemption.

Situations where council’s are likely to approve a temporary exemption notice are:

  • A section 21 notice has been served to terminate a tenancy.
  • The property is sold subject to contract.
  • Tenants have given notice of their intention to vacate the property.

Upon successful application, you will receive a Temporary Exemption Notice (TEN), granting the property a three-month exemption from needing a license.

In exceptional circumstances, this temporary exemption might be extended for another three months. However, after this period, no further exemptions are available, and the property must be licensed if it still requires one.

Landlords must ensure to inform the Council if an extension is necessary before the initial temporary exemption notice expires.

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