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Landlord insurance

It’s one of those rare things – an aspect of owning and renting out property that isn’t controlled by highly specific laws. There is no legal obligation to have landlord insurance. Some landlords treat it as an optional extra, others join landlord organisations instead.

The reality is that landlord insurance will protect you from any financial loss caused by damage or disaster that happens to your investment property.

It means you, your investment and your tenants have security should the worst happen.

Most mortgage lenders will include a clause in their lending that makes it obligatory to have a certain amount of insurance on the properties you are renting out. This is to cover the cost of the amount you are borrowing, should you lose your rental income.

  • It’s not a legal requirement, but…
  • Why you can’t use regular home insurance
  • What is Landlord Insurance
  • Other types of landlord insurance
  • Useful terms

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