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Air BnB / Short-Term Rental and Property Licensing

Mandatory HMO, Additional, Selective Licensing

Does my Air BnB require a property licence?

There are three types of property licence which might be required; a nationally mandatory HMO licence, or an Additional or Selective Licence, schemes of which are implemented locally.

In the Housing Act 2004, one of the criteria for a property being defined as an HMO (house of multiple occupancy), is that it is “occupied by those persons as their only or main residence or they are to be treated as so occupying it”.


What's the difference? HMO / Additional / Selective Licence

Save time and avoid the hassle, let us do it for you. We’ve completed hundreds of applications, so know how to navigate the red tape to make sure you get your licence.

We can also complete Certificate of Lawful Use applications on your behalf, which are now being demanded by a number of local authorities to prove of lawful use (C4 or suis generis) for all properties within an Article 4 area as part of the HMO application process.

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