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    Navigating the complex world of property licensing has become increasingly challenging for landlords across the UK as local authorities continue to introduce a wide range of regulations.

    Understanding whether your property requires an HMO licence, an Additional licence, or a Selective licence, and if it falls within an Article 4 Directive area, can be a daunting task. You can find out more about licensing here.

    We’re here to help! Our mission is to assist landlords in achieving full compliance, and that’s why we’ve developed a user-friendly postcode lookup tool. With this tool, you can quickly and easily determine the licensing and Article 4 regulations applicable to your property.

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    Please note that our look up tool only currently covers the local authority areas listed below:

    • Birmingham City Council
    • Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
    • Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council
    • Bromsgrove District Council
    • Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
    • Nottingham City Council

    We are working to expand our coverage and will be including additional local authority areas in the near future.

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